Basic Electrical Components used In Electronic Circuit

There are many electrical components are used in the electronic and electrical circuit like a resistor, inductor, diode, transformer, capacitor, and many more. without these electrical components, the circuit is incomplete. each part has a different function in the circuit. so they are the most important components of the circuit. all these basic electrical components found in all motherboards, graphic cards, computer hard drive, and in all other electronic circuits.

In electronic PCB we can find various electrical components fuses, switches therefore in this article we will discuss listed electrical components used in the electronic project to make a circuit and build PCB.

Types of Electrical Components with Symbols :


The resistor is mainly used to offer resistance to the flow of current or restrict current. Resistance means opposition to the flow of current.
The resistance of the resistor s measured in ohm and represented by ohm. Resistors are available from few ohms to megaohms.

Classifications of resistors

The resistors are classified into four different categories
i) Fixed resistors: this is the simplest type of resist xd resistance value which defined during manufacturing there are made of carbon composition.
ii) Tapped Resistors: These resistors have tap somewhere along with the resistance material. tapped resistors are generally wire wound type. if taps are more than one they will have a separate terminal for each tap.
iii) Variable resistor: This type of resistor has movable contacts. using his contact we can vary the value of resistance
iv) Special resistors: the most common type of special resistor is the fusible type



A capacitor is a passive element in an electronic circuit designed to store energy in the form of an electric field. besides resistors, capacitors are the most common electrical components. used mostly in electronics circuits, computers, power systems. They are also used in tunning circuits of radio receivers.
The electrical transformer is a static piece device means it does not have any moving part in it. that’s why the efficiency of it is high compared to other electrical machines.


The transformer basically transfers energy from one electrical circuit to other circuits through a magnetic field. Hence also called an electromagnetic energy conversation device. The circuit which transfers energy called primary winding and which received energy refers as the secondary winding of a transformer which further connected to the load.

Electrical Motor

There is a wide range of applications of the electrical motor in industrial as well as in daily life.because of its simple design, rugged construction, and reliable operation. induction motors have easy operation and simple maintenance, low initial cost, high efficiency, and availability of different starters. For starting loads such as small refrigerating machines operating at full pressure or conveyor belts motor with high starting torque is used. 


diode symbol
                        Diode Symbol


A diode allows current to flow in one direction only from the anode (A) to the cathode (K). The current is blocked if it attempts to flow from the cathode to the anode. It is not possible to control the current strength, as is the case with some other semiconductors.


relay is defined as an electrically controlled device that opens and closes electrical contacts with help of electromagnetic switching and performs ON and OFF operation of other devices in the electrical circuit.


Switches can come in all shapes and sizes. Often they are normally open and when the switch position is changed from OFF to ON, the switch contacts will close and a circuit get complete, the same as when you turn on a tube light.

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