Overload Relay-Working Principle and Construction

Parts of a thermal overload relay

Overload relay is an important component in protecting motors from electrical overloads. By monitoring the current flow to motors, these devices prevent damage that could affect motor performance and longevity. This article explores the principles, their types, applications, and their…

VFD-Working Principle and Block Diagram

block diagram of the variable frequency drive

VFD is a short form of a variable frequency drive also called Frequency converters, which has undergone extremely rapid changes, largely as a result of the development of microprocessor and semiconductor devices and their reduction in prices. However, the basic…

Transformer Oil Testing-Types, Methods Properties

Transformer oil testing is a crucial part of transformer maintenance, as the oil serves as electrical insulation between the winding and tank and acts as a cooling agent. Over time, the oil can become contaminated, which can degrade its insulating…